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Save time with our packaged custom kits. All tubing, filters, and sampling can be customized for your reactors.

  • Filters for Exhaust, Sparge and Blanketing

  • Pump Tube  

  • Sampling

  • Addition Assemblies

  • Sterile Connectors

  • Overview
    BioProcess Reactors Kits Bio-R Kits Key to good Bio-R Kit design is choosing the right materials for autoclave and functionality of the management of fluids and gases. You need to accommodate a number of things: • Temperature – 121c plus • Welding tools and disconnect methods • Pump head sizes • Sterile Filters which meet critical flow rates at autoclave safe temperatures. • Ergonomics and space constraints • Top Plate fitting connections / metric vs. imperial. The goal is to achieve a simple effective kit which allows the scientist to perform their task while reducing contamination risks. Knowledge of plastic materials and associated applications allow us to build these kits better than anyone else. Kits include: • Assembled tubing and all necessary connection components • Pump tube elements and connectors • High Flow Vent Filters / Condensation Reducing Filters · Media and Addition Bottles Benefits of Bio-R Kits: • Complete customized kits with one-part number • No tube sealing or set after autoclave cycle (IS-135c tube) • Reduced component stocking space and ordering • Full Traceability Components • Reduced contamination risks with better connections • Reduce Assembly Time

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